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Drywall Corner Roller

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  • SAVE TIME & MAKE MONEY >> Remove air pockets and excess mud while forming a sharp, precision corner with flat, smooth tape flanges. In only a fraction of the time versus using hand tools - and you’ll get better results!
  • EASY TO MASTER >> The LEVEL5 corner roller is easy to use and will speed up your drywall finishing immediately. Plus, it's simple to teach others and scale up your drywall finishing business!
  • BECOME AN EXPERT >> Check out our how-to videos on YouTube and you'll master corner roller technique in no time.
  • REDUCED TAPE DRAG >> Stainless steel rollers w/ Kevlar-reinforced bearings & Teflon washers for ultra-smooth operation. No locking up or skipping, even with hard pressure, and the tape stays in position for a perfect finish.
  • DURABILITY AT ITS BEST >> Precision-machined from aircraft-grade, heavy-gauge aluminum. Hard-coat anodized for corrosion resistance and long life. The LEVEL5 Inside Corner Roller is built to withstand heavy commercial use.

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LEVEL5’s high performance corner roller enables you to remove air pockets and/or excess compound from behind freshly applied drywall tape with lightning speed.

The LEVEL5 corner roller is built for reliable, daily commercial use. Now beautifully precision-machined from billet aluminum, the corner roller features a new floating stainless steel wheel assembly that beds the tape with a straight, perfect 90 degree angle, even when going over imperfect internal seams. The wheels are mounted using Kevlar-reinforced nylon bearings and Teflon washers for ultra-smooth operation, less drag on the tape, and a long wear life.

A handle is required to use a corner roller. A heavy duty, integrated stainless steel handle attachment mounts the LEVEL5 corner roller to any LEVEL5 fixed length or extendable handle using the required corner finisher/nail spotter head adapter (#4-877).

level5 corner roller
level5 corner roller


  • Precision-machined, 4-piece billet aluminum body and sideplates.
  • Premium color anodizing for corrosion resistance.
  • Side plates are hard-coat anodized for additional durability and easy cleaning.
  • New floating wheel assembly that allows for perfect 90° when finishing over imperfect internal seams.
  • Kevlar-reinforced nylon bearings and Teflon washers for ultra-smooth operation, less drag on the tape, and a long wear life.


  • After applying drywall tape by hand, with a "banjo" taper or automatic taper, the corner roller is utilized to firmly embed the tape within inside corner seams, while squeezing out any excess compound or air pockets.
  • Start from the middle of the tape run and roll back and forth (or up and down) towards the corners in wider and wider passes.
  • Use firm pressure to ensure the tape beds down tight.
  • The result should be a straight, sharp 90 degree corner in the tape with smooth, flat tape flanges on the two opposing walls. Your inside corner is now ready for coating and finishing!
  • We recommend you clean your corner roller before the compound dries so that it doesn’t cake inside the rollers.
  • Lubricate the rollers with 3-in-1 machine oil before and after you use it.




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Parts and Components

Corner Roller, 2nd Gen

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1/4-20x1-1/4in HH Screw
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#14 Brass Washer
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Roller Wheel
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Bearing, 5L7D-642
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Roller Bushing
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Trust Washer
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8-32 x 5/16 Setscrew
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Corner Roller Body

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Swivel Coupling Pin
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Swivel Axle
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Swivel Assembly
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1/16 x 1/2in Cotter Pin Fastenal 74268
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Wear Parts

Wear Parts

When you purchase professional drywall finishing tools, it is important to know that common wear parts are readily available to ensure your tools are run optimally for their entire operating life.

At LEVEL5, we maintain a large inventory of wear parts for all models of our drywall taping and finishing tools, including:

  • Automatic taper cutting blades
  • Flat box and corner finisher blades, shoes, etc.
  • Gaskets & o-rings
  • Plungers
  • Springs
  • Wheels & bearings
  • Screws
  • and much more...

These components are available separately or in convenient logical kits for tool maintenance or rebuilds. Perhaps most importantly, these components and kits are available at a reasonable price!

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(4 reviews)
  • Well Built

    J. W. Czeiszperger, February 25, 2023


    This is a heavy duty professional tool. A must have if you do any amount of drywall work. Bedding corner tape was a breeze.

  • Both corner rollers work grea !! Took a little while (a day or 2) to get fast. With them!! Speeded my time up tremendously

    Jim, December 3, 2022


    Recommend getting them I consider my self good and these sped my work up tremendously

  • Worked Awesome

    J. Beere, May 30, 2022


    Worked awesome for taping corners. I bought the adapter and put it on a extendable handle. Taped half my basement w no issue at all. Seems to be built solid