Learn More About LEVEL5 Drywall Tools

Listen along as LEVEL5 Founder & CEO Scott Murray breaks down what makes LEVEL5 drywall tools stand out from the competition.

At LEVEL 5 Tools, we have built a tradition of innovation that’s driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence right down to the very labels we put on all of our drywall tools. The truth is, Scott mentions in the video, innovation by itself is not enough. The LEVEL5 difference is that every single one of our patented features and breakthroughs in the drywall tools industry has been a direct response to real problems that finishers face on a day to day basis. Have you ever used a mud mixer or paddle that has chipped up your bucket and worn out your drill? Well, we fixed that. Do you ever get annoyed at how some of your hand tools have warped or chipped over a short period of time? We fixed that too!

When drywall community members came to us and wanted a more personal, easy way to buy drywall tools, we made it happen. Now we ship globally directly from our Kansas City warehouse through eBay, Amazon and our website.

Have you ever tried to call a tool company or business only to find it impossible to speak to a real human or when you do, find out that the company makes returning tools or claiming warranties difficult? We get it. That’s why we offer the best customer service and warranties in the industry. Did you know we offer a 30-Day Guarantee for all tools sold on our website? Well, now you do!

From creating the industry’s first VIP loyalty program to offering incredible leasing opportunities to creating the most comprehensive series of automatic drywall taping & finishing tool maintenance and repair videos - the list goes on!

List aside, the most important thing to LEVEL5 as a company is that every innovation we bring to market serves the finisher first and brings value to the drywall tool community. Is there anything we can do for you? Let us know in the comments or get in touch on social media!

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