Compound Roller Cover

12" Drywall Compound Roller Cover

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  • IMPORTANT | These compound roller covers are meant for use with LEVEL5 compound roller frames.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE | LEVEL5 compound roller covers will save you hours of work! A drywall compound roller is the most efficient way to get a large amount of drywall compound on walls and ceilings.
  • EFFICIENT | The ½ inch thick reticulated composite nap on LEVEL5 joint compound roller covers has been specially designed so that it can be loaded with a large amount of compound - up to 50% more than other high nap rollers.
  • LONG LIFE | These compound roller covers are very durable. If cleaned properly each time, they can be used many times before needing replacement.

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A compound roller makes light work of getting large amounts of drywall bedding and finishing compounds onto walls and ceilings - ideal when you need to cover and smooth out large surface areas.

The unique ½-inch thick reticulated polypropylene nap on LEVEL5 drywall compound roller covers enables them to accept up to 50% more compound than other high-nap rollers.  The specially designed nap also releases the compound uniformly on the wall.

LEVEL5 compound roller covers are very durable. If cleaned thoroughly after each use, they can be used many times before replacement.

LEVEL5 12-inch compound roller covers are designed specifically for use with LEVEL5 compound roller frames with heavy duty 1/4-inch diameter shafts (#4-904).  This roller width is ideal for rolling large amounts of drywall compound onto flat surfaces prior to final finishing with a skimming blade.

PRO TIP: Before using your new drywall compound roller cover for the first time, “prime” the cover by wrapping painter’s tape around its entire surface and then peeling it off.  This will remove any loose fibers or bits of roller nap that may not have been securely attached during manufacturing.



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