What Size Putty Knife Do You Need?

What Size Putty Knife Do You Need?

Learn Which Size Putty Knife You Need for Drywall, Home Repairs & DIY

Brendan Rumball
April 20, 2021
Listen along as Lydia (aka Drywall Shorty) teaches you which size putty knife best suits your professional or DIY needs.

Joint Knives (also known as "Putty Knives") are one of the most versatile and essential hand tools available. Whether you're a professional drywall finisher, commercial painter or simply doing small home repairs or renovations, everybody needs a selection of putty knives in their tool shed.

LEVEL5 offers a wide array of joint knives in many different sizes and materials. So, how do LEVEL5 joint knives help improve your workflow? Simply put, they help you get a better finish, faster.

Available in six sizes (3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 10”), there’s a LEVEL5 putty knife for every finishing scenario you might find yourself in. Here’s how you might use the full range:

3-Inch putty knives are perfect for use in tight areas and awkward angles.
4, 5 & 6-Inch putty knives are universal knives that are specifically ideal for picking angles, hand taping angles & covering screws and wall patches.
8 & 10-Inch putty knives are perfect for wiping tape, smoothing out wide lines of compound, and also for patching tub surrounds. Generally, these are ideal when working with larger patches or doing wider work.

Although joint knives seem simple on the surface, LEVEL5 has put years of cutting-edge innovation and design into the construction of our full range of drywall joint knives. Instead of using standard edges, we have implemented a much more effective mirror-polished edge that prevents lines in joint compounds. 

The putty knives themselves are a feat of engineering with multiple patent-pending features to their name. Starting with Full-Tang blades give our knives a robust, fail-proof structure, the LEVEL5 putty knives are perfectly balanced for precision and ergonomics. Unlike other brands, our hollow grind blade prevents premature failure and provides more flex and feel.

Are you in the market for your first putty knife? We recommend the 4-Inch stainless steel joint knife for beginners & DIYers.