What Automatic Drywall Taping Tools Do You Need

What Automatic Drywall Taping Tools Do You Need

These Are the Drywall Taping Tools to Invest In

Brendan Rumball
April 20, 2021

Here's Scott Murray with some industry insight on which taping & finishing tools you REALLY need to get started with automatic taping tools (and which automatic tools you need to take your finishing work to the next level). 

LEVEL5 offers the widest range of automatic taping & finishing tools on the market.

Choosing to invest in drywall taping tools is a serious decision (although it's usually one that pays for itself in just a couple jobs).

We get asked all the time - "What automatic taping tools do I need for this certain job?". And we usually ask a series of questions like:

  • Are you a full time drywall finisher?
  • Have you used automatic drywall taping tools before?
  • Are you struggling to complete your drywall finishing jobs?
  • Are you focused on home renovation or commercial projects?

Usually, if someone asks for every tool we have (aka our wide selection of drywall taping tool sets), we focus on the specific jobs and roles your tools need to address. Based on this, we recommend which tools you need for the job? 

Have specific questions about automatic drywall tools? Send us an email at info@level5tools.com or give us a call at 800.227.7713.

For complete beginners who aren't sure whether investing in a complete taping tool set will pay off, we recommend taking a look at our drywall flat box sets. These sets provide finishers with a solid foundational taping tool collection. After becoming comfortable with these, we recommend adding an automatic drywall taper and drywall corner tools to your tool arsenal.

Remember: always consider the type of work you're doing before you buy. If you're already using automatic tools, look into getting yourself the full kit and up your game with LEVEL5 Tools. We provide the best prices, warranties and customer service in the industry.