LEVEL5 Mud Mixer Demonstration

LEVEL5 Mud Mixer Demonstration

Check Out LEVEL5's Industry-Leading Mud Mixer In Action

Brendan Rumball
April 20, 2021
Watch Scott Murray, President of LEVEL5 Tools, show the patented L5 drywall mud mixer in action as it effortlessly whips through a fresh batch of drywall joint compound.

As one of the most widely used drywall tools in every finisher’s toolbox, the mud mixer is objectively one of the most integral drywall tools out there. As a company that is driven to innovate and make the lives of drywall finishers easier, LEVEL5 took on the challenge of completely rethinking the traditional, outdated mud mixer design. Through years of development and listening to the feedback of skilled tradespeople on the job, LEVEL5 was able to release a game changing mud mixer to it’s already vast range of drywall tools. 

So, what’s so special about this drywall mud mixer? A lot.

For starters, its patented design reduces the wear on your power drill by up to 20% which not only adds years of life to your drill but makes every use that much easier on your body as the curved blades work through even the thickest of mud with ease.

Speaking of blades, we took notes from finishers that were tired of getting plastic chips in their compound from their mixer making contact with the bucket so we designed the blades and filed their edges in a way that ensures the prevention of any bucket chipping.

We have also made mud mixing more comfortable than ever by increasing the length of the shaft to prevent the user from having to stoop over the bucket as they work. If the shaft is too long for you, no problem, just cut it down to suit your height and work needs or pick up one of our shorter variants.

Added benefits aside, good drywall tools should do what they are designed to, and do it well! With that in mind, we designed this mixer to keep mud directly in the middle of the bucket while preventing the formation of air pockets to provide the smoothest and most consistent drywall mud possible.

Lastly, to fit jobs of all sizes and descriptions we have created three sizes of mixer:

  • Use the LEVEL5 32" Mixing Paddle for mixing drywall compound, paint, plaster, grout, cement and other low-density materials.
  • Use the LEVEL5 28" Mixing Paddle for mixing drywall compound, paint, plaster, grout, cement and other low-density materials.
  • Use this LEVEL5 13" Mixing Paddle for mixing paint or other compound such as grout, thinset and drywall in small containers (including mud pans)