LEVEL5 Drywall Hand Tools

LEVEL5 Drywall Hand Tools

The Best Drywall Hand Tools On Earth

Brendan Rumball
February 16, 2022

Did you know LEVEL5 makes the strongest, most durable hand tools on the market? Read on to learn about the unique properties of our most popular drywall hand tools.

LEVEL5 hand tools are designed and constructed to offer the most state-of-the-art features available of any hand tool line out there. In the video above, LEVEL5 Founder & CEO Scott Murray highlights some of the unique properties of three of our most popular hand tools: the joint knife, the taping knife, the bucket scoop and the jab saw. 

LEVEL5 Drywall Joint Knives

LEVEL5 drywall Joint Knives (also often referred to as “putty knives”) are available in a wide selection of sizes and materials. Whether you prefer the stiffness and no-nonsense simplicity of stainless steel or the finesse and flexibility which carbon steel is known for, our joint knife line has you covered.

LEVEL5 Soft-Grip Handles

Our most popular joint knives feature our bi-material, soft-grip handle. These knives feature a precise mid-blade hollow grind that provides that perfect “broken-in" feeling right out of the box to give you optimum levels of control on the wall. 

In addition to the “all-day” comfort grip provided by LEVEL5’s soft-grip handles, this same soft-grip design also provides furnishers with a non-slip grasp and an alloy-metal hammer end for enhanced drop protection.

Full-Tang Blade Design

Another key feature of our drywall joint knives is the implementation of a full tang that goes from the blade all the way to the hang hole. What this does is provide an extreme level of durability due to its ability to evenly disperse stress across the length of the blade and up the tang which adds years to your knife. 

How does this differ from competitors? Massively. As Scott points out in the video, most drywall tool manufacturers implement a partial tang into their joint knives which can lead to uneven stress dispersal and eventually an earlier failure relative to the full tang design LEVEL5 uses. 

Does a full tang blade cost more to produce? Of course, but we position ourselves always in the service of the finisher. At the end of the day, we want to offer the best quality tools you can get your hands on. 

Does a full tang knife last longer? You bet. That’s why we confidently offer lifetime warranties on all of our stainless steel, soft-grip  (and one-piece welded) knives! Break the knife after years of heavy use and we’ll replace it free of charge! These are the last knives you’ll ever need to buy.

LEVEL5 One-Piece Welded Joint Knives

Moving on to the latest addition to our joint knife arsenal, the LEVEL5 Welded “One-Piece” Stainless Steel Joint Knife is the strongest welded knife on Earth. Period.

Forged over 17 precisely controlled manufacturing steps, our welded knife packs multiple patent-pending features. Not only does the LEVEL5 welded joint knife house a full tang but also a wide, curved robotic weld that displaces the stress evenly compared to the more narrowly straight welds of our competitors. 

In the last step of our welded knife manufacturing process, the entire knife is polished an additional 9 times leaving a mirror finish that is not only impressive to the eye but indicative of the level of care that has gone into the knife’s production. 

Weighing in at over 20 times stronger than the competition, our welded knife is the highest quality and most durable welded joint knife on the planet. For those that prefer a putty knife handle with more grip, we have produced affordable heat shrink rubber grips that provide excellent control without compromising the strength of the knife.

LEVEL5 Drywall Taping Knives

The LEVEL5 Drywall Taping Knife is a testament to listening to the needs of our customers and building countless iterations until we got it just right. 

Taping Knife Construction

Starting at your first point of contact, the handle; we’ve designed the shape of the taping knife handle to provide all-day comfort and feel that fits any hand.

In comparison to our competitors, our taping knives are made with larger, high-strength stainless-steel rivets. This prevents the handle from getting loose on the blade back over time. When we say our rivets are high-strength, we mean they are rated to withstand over 700lb of separation force, allowing us to confidently provide a lifetime warranty on all of our soft-grip stainless taping knives.

Taping Knife Blade

Moving on to the blade itself, we have opted for a thicker and wider blade back than our competitors to offer both strength and stability when you’re up against the wall. 

With decades of experience in the manufacturing process of drywall tools, we have designed a taping knife that features multiple points of carefully considered innovation. This is what makes the LEVEL5 Soft-Grip Taping Knife a must-have drywall tool for every finisher’s arsenal.

The LEVEL5 Bucket Scoop

Another fan-favorite in our line of drywall tools is our drywall Bucket Scoop. An often overlooked drywall hand tool, this thing will not only significantly speed up the time it takes to empty a bucket of compound but also will help prevent plastic shavings from coming loose and mixing into your mud!

We’ve designed this tool to feature a contoured, stainless steel blade which fits most 5-gallon buckets perfectly.

The LEVEL5 Jab Saw

Another finisher favorite is the LEVEL5 Jab Saw - a beast of a drywall hand tool! It features a high-quality carbon steel plated blade and tripe-ground teeth which cut through drywall like hot butter.

Although often overlooked by competitors, our jab saw is designed with a robust soft-grip handle. This makes it equally comfortable and effective for both right and left-handed users.

The Fine Details

Alloy-Metal Hammer Ends

Common to all of the bi-material (soft-grip) stainless steel LEVEL5 hand tools, you can find a hammer-end built into each soft-grip handle that’s perfect for setting nails or screws. This hammer end also features a large hang hole to help you stay organized on the job.

Easy-Peel Stickers

Who wants sticker residue all over their fresh new drywall hand tools? We certainly don’t. That’s why we’ve featured easy-peel stickers on all LEVEL5 Tools. They come off like a dream and don’t leave marks. You’re welcome!

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