LEVEL5 Drywall Mud Mixer Overview

LEVEL5 Drywall Mud Mixer Overview

The Best Mixing Paddle for Joint Compound, Paint, Cement & More

April 20, 2021
After years of development and listening to finisher feedback, we successfully reached our goal of creating a revolutionary compound paddle mixer. Here's LEVEL5 founder and CEO Scott Murray with a complete overview of its features.

The LEVEL5 patented mud mixer is unlike any other drywall tool on the market. Here's a list of its unique features:

1) It mixes drywall joint compound fast and effortlessly.

2) Its patented design reduces wear on your drill by over 20%.

3) Its unique structure prevents the creation of air pockets.

4) It keeps mud right in the middle of the bucket and mixes evenly.

5) It doesn’t chip the plastic of the bucket while operating.