Become a LEVEL5 Tools Dealer

Become a LEVEL5 Tools Dealer

We are currently seeking out new dealers worldwide

Brendan Rumball
April 20, 2021
Are you interested in becoming a LEVEL5 Tools dealer? Perfect timing! We are currently seeking out new dealers worldwide. Check out this video from LEVEL5 Founder & CEO Scott Murray for more information.

LEVEL5 is the fastest growing manufacturer and dealer of drywall taping & finishing tools on earth. What do we offer our dealers? We offer some of the most attractive dealer margins in the industry as well as the best warranties and highest level of customer service.

Our powerhouse social media presence attests to the market penetration and popularity of LEVEL5 and DEWALT's drywall tool offerings.

We want to drive traffic to your store by leveraging our social media and our online voice. Once the traffic’s there we want to supply you with the highest quality tools possible - we have 12 CNC machines running 24/7 to meet our ever-growing demand.

Join the LEVEL5 team today. To get started, complete this form.