Joint Knives from LEVEL5 Tools

What Makes Them Special?

Sean McCarthy
November 12, 2020
At LEVEL5 Tools, our goal is always to offer the highest quality drywall tools at the fairest price and that’s exactly what we have done with our line of joint knives, also commonly referred to as putty knives.

The Soft-Grip Joint Knife

Like all of the LEVEL5 Tools joint knives, our bi-material, soft-grip stainless steel knife features a precise mid-blade hollow grind that provides that perfect broken-in feeling right out of the box to give you optimum levels of control on the wall. 

Another key feature of our joint knives is the implementation of a full tang that goes from the blade all the way to the hang hole as shown. What this does is provide an extreme level of durability due to its ability to evenly disperse stress across the length of the blade and up the tang which adds years to your knife. 

How does this differ from competitors? Massively. As Scott points out in the video, most of the other manufacturers of drywall tools implement a partial tang into their joint knives which can lead to uneven stress dispersal and eventually an earlier failure relative to the full tang design we use. 

Does a full tang cost more to produce? Of course, but we position ourselves always in the service of the finisher and at the end of the day, we want to offer the best quality tools you can get your hands on. Does a full tang knife last longer? You bet. That’s why we confidently offer lifetime warranties on all of our stainless steel, soft-grip, and welded knives. Break the knife after years of heavy use and we’ll replace it free of charge!

The Making of the Welded Drywall Knife

Moving on to the latest addition to our joint knife arsenal, the LEVEL5 Tools welded “One-Piece” stainless steel joint knife is the strongest welded knife on Earth. Forged over 17 precisely controlled manufacturing steps, our welded knife packs multiple patent-pending features. Not only does the Level 5 Tools welded joint knife house a full tang but also a wide, curved robotic weld that displaces the stress evenly compared to the more narrowly straight welds of our competitors. 

In the last step of our welded knife manufacturing process, the entire knife is polished an additional 9 times leaving a mirror finish that is not only impressive to the eye but indicative of the level of care that has gone into the knife’s production. Weighing in at over 20 times stronger than the competition, our welded knife is the highest quality and most durable welded joint knife on the planet. For those that prefer a putty knife handle with more grip, we have produced affordable heat shrink rubber grips that provide excellent control without compromising on the strength of the knife.

Make sure to watch to the end to see and hear a full list of innovations designed to speed up and improve your drywall taping and subscribe to our Youtube channel to get the latest and greatest from LEVEL5 Tools.

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