LEVEL5 Drywall Hand Tools

Unique Features that Set Our Hand Tools Apart

Sean McCarthy
September 30, 2020
There are many features included with LEVEL5 hand tools that are not readily apparent when you first look at them. In the video below, our CEO Scott Murray highlights some of the unique properties of three of our more popular tools: the taping knife, the bucket scoop and the jab saw.

The Taping Knife

The LEVEL5 bi-material (soft-grip) taping knife is a must for every finisher’s arsenal of drywall tools. With decades of experience in the manufacturing process of drywall tools, we have designed a taping knife that caters to the needs of the finisher and features multiple points of carefully considered innovation. 

Starting at your first point of contact - the handle - the LEVEL5 taping knife is a testament to extreme ergonomics realized by listening to the needs of our customers and building countless iterations until we got it just right. Next up, we have implemented much larger, high-strength stainless-steel rivets that prevent the handle from getting loose on the blade back over time. When we say our rivets are high-strength, we mean they are rated to withstand over 700lb of separation force allowing us to confidently provide a lifetime warranty on all of our soft-grip stainless joint knives. Moving on to the blade itself, we have opted for a thicker and wider blade back than our competitors to offer both strength and stability when you’re up against the wall. 

The Bucket Scoop

Another featured item in our line of drywall tools is our bucket scoop. Designed to perfectly fit most 5 gallon buckets, we created this hand tool to be the perfect solution for effortlessly cleaning out and moving joint compound without damaging your bucket which can leave plastic chips in your compound. 

The Jab Saw

A finisher favorite, our jab saw is a beast. The saw’s triple-ground and hardened carbon steel plated teeth cut through drywall like hot butter. Although often overlooked by competitors, our jab saw is designed to be equally comfortable and effective for both right and left-handed users.

Common to all of the bi-material stainless steel LEVEL5 hand tools, you can find a hammer-end built into each soft-grip handle that’s perfect for setting nails or screws. Again, always seeking to make things easier for our customers, we have designed an easy-peel sticker that comes off like a dream without leaving a mark on your new drywall tools.

Make sure to watch the complete video to see and hear a full list of innovations designed to speed up and improve your drywall taping and subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out the articles below to get the latest and greatest from LEVEL5 Tools.

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