Level 5 Drywall Tools | Quality Tools at a Fraction of the Cost

Mission Statement

To provide unsurpassed value to the drywall finisher in the form of quality tools at a fraction of the cost of other major brands. Provide quick and complete customer service globally.


Level 5 started in 2001 under a separate company name. Over the past 14+ years, the line of tools has evolved into the quality, value driven line that is Level 5 today.

Scott Murray along with his business partners started the taping tool business in 2001. Since that time, various partners have come and gone, but Scott remains the President and one of the owners. An international group of investors with business in the construction trades now support Level 5 Tools as joint owners.


We exist to fill a need in the drywall finishing trades for good quality tools that get the job done with out breaking the bank of the drywall finisher.

There are seven manufacturers of automatic drywall taping tools in the market today. The pricing of the tools from all but Level 5 is extremely high, and very similar. Finishers have had little price choice when buying tools until the introduction of Level 5! Level 5 drywall tools are typically priced 30%+ less than other major brands so the finisher now has a choice that can save them money. In addition, Level 5’s repair parts, which commonly fit other brands, are priced in some cases 50% below the competition!

We are fair, friendly, and relentless in pursuit of our customer’s satisfaction. When you do business with Level 5 it’s like doing business the old fashioned way. We listen to our customers, talk to them, and do what we can to make their lives on the job easier and more efficient.

Save money today with Level 5 Drywall Tools!!!

Customer Service

Level 5 has the lowest cost manufacturing position and passes that onto the finisher by maintaining a lean and quality focused staff.

We are committed to providing the best customer service amongst our competitors. Each one of us has the ability to take care of the customer first and ask questions later. We make it our business to support the finishers business meaning tools have to work or be repaired quickly.

We provide fast and fairly priced service. Traditionally there were very few repair centers and the cost of replacement parts was very high. Level 5 provides inexpensive services that include parts that are in most cases 50% below the competition. Our repairs are guaranteed or we’ll do it again!


Level 5 Tools offers a full line of automatic drywall taping and finishing tools.

Quality is supported by a 7-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship. This warranty is comparable to other brands and we stand behind every tool we make. In most cases, the customers are fair and understanding. We will go the extra mile to ensure a positive experience.

We are located at: 728 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, KS 66103

Phone: 913-631-0804

Fax: 913-738-5515

Toll Free: 866-562-4229