• SKU: 4-862
    This flat Box wheel extension set provides excellent finish on outside corner beads Fits all standard and MEGA flat boxes Includes: outside wheel frames (2 x 7880), outsider wheels (2 x 7881), washer (7882), screws (4 x 7012)
  • SKU: 4-760
    The Level 5 Tools Automatic Drywall Taper will help your increase efficiency and quality of every drywall finishing job by quickly applying your first bed of mud and tape in one pass. Most wear parts are interchangeable with other major brands at a significantly lower prices making this the best...
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    VIPs get 10% OFF and FREE US Shipping on this set of Level 5 Skimming Blades Not a VIP yet? Click here  Level 5's patent-pending skimming blades have been developed and refined through years of feedback from professional finishers. Although competitively priced, they are the highest quality line of skimming blades...
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    For a limited time, VIPs get 15% OFF + FREE SHIPPING on this 14" Flat Box A professional grade, high-quality flat box finishing tool at an unmatched price just for L5 VIPs like you. This LEVEL 5 TOOLS 14” Drywall Flat Box expertly dispenses an even, consistent layer of drywall joint...
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    VIPs get 15% OFF and FREE US Shipping on this set of Level 5 Joint Knives Not a VIP yet? Click here  Level 5 drywall tools are premium grade. They are designed and built using nearly 20 years of input from professional finishers and meant for reliable, daily use on the...
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