Putty Knives - One Piece Stainless

  • One-Piece Stainless Steel Joint Knife - 6" | 5-406 | Level 5 Tools
  • One-Piece Stainless Steel Joint Knife - 3" | 5-403 | Level 5 Tools
  • One-Piece Stainless Steel Joint Knife - 4" | 5-404 | Level 5 Tools
  • One-Piece Stainless Steel Joint Knife - 5" | 5-405 | Level 5 Tools
  • One-Piece Stainless Steel Joint Knife - 8" | 5-408 | Level 5 Tools
  • One-Piece Stainless Steel Joint Knife - 10" | 5-410 | Level 5 Tools

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A patent-pending design, outstanding quality and a lifetime guarantee.

These knives are lightweight, extremely comfortable in the hand, and clean up like a dream.


  • Blade sizes available: 3” / 4” / 5” / 6” / 8” / 10”
  • Manufactured from premium stainless steel for corrosion resistance.
  • Patent pending full tang blade - tang goes beyond the hang hole in the handle.
  • Robotically welded at four points of contact for ultimate strength and durability..
  • Unique, hollow grind at mid blade ensures optimal mid-blade flex.
  • Blade feels nicely “broken-in" from the first moment you use it - which means better feel for faster application rates, optimum blade control and smoother finishes.
  • Precision ground blade edge.
  • Ergonomically-designed handle for comfortable, all-day use on the jobsite.
  • Robotically-welded handle has been mirror polished until seamless.
  • Oversized integrated hang hole.



Level 5 drywall finishing tools are the result of more than 20 years of close collaboration with 1000's of professional finishers worldwide.

Buy this putty knife and compare for yourself! We back all of our tools with the best warranties in the industry and one-on-one customer service from our Level 5 support team.


A proud, family-run company based in Kansas City, Kansas, USA, we have been perfecting our line of drywall tools since 2001. We do business the old-fashioned way: zero compromises in quality, fair prices, industry-leading warranties, and the relentless pursuit for 100% customer satisfaction.

Our extended family includes professional finishers throughout the USA and abroad. Their livelihoods depend on the quality, performance and reliability of our drywall tools. Through their valued feedback and a culture of ongoing research, innovation and collaboration, we make the tools that make their lives on the job easier, more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

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