What Are the Construction Trends for 2018? | Level 5 DIY Tips

What Are the Construction Trends for 2018? | Level 5 DIY Tips

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What Are the Construction Trends for 2018?

U.S. builders pushed construction spending up 0.7 percent in December to a record high, though it was the weakest performance since they began to emerge from the financial crisis.

Construction spending has been slowing for the past two years, reflecting in part problems home builders are having getting land to build new homes and a budget squeeze that has forced state and local governments and federal agencies to scale back building projects.


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How Tax Reforms May Affect Small and Midsized Builders

The $1.5-trillion Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017, which went into effect in January, is said to be “the most significant legislation of its kind in more than 30 years, since the Tax Reform Act of 1986.”

Here is some analysis of the "good" and "bad" aspects of the reform for smaller construction businesses.


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6 Urban Design Trends to Watch in 2018

Over the past twelve months, 2017 served up more than its share of challenges, such as massive retail closures, as well historic flooding and other natural disasters.

Urban design and development is no longer “business as usual.” In that spirit, here are six urban design trends to watch in 2018:


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For DIYers: 5 Drywall Texture Techniques to Create the Perfect Vibe

If you’re starting with new drywall, the texture is the last thing to be applied after all the seams have been taped and then covered and smoothed over with successive coats of drywall cement until the walls appear seamless. For existing drywall that you’d like to change the look of, you have a couple of options.


Level 5 Tools offers a full line of automatic drywall taping and finishing tools. We exist to fill a need in the drywall finishing trades for good quality tools that get the job done without breaking the bank of the drywall finisher.

We listen to our customers, talk to them, and do what we can to make their lives on the job easier and more efficient.

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