Level 5 Tools DIY Tips | December, 2017

Level 5 Tools DIY Tips | December, 2017

Each month Level 5 Tools publishes DIY Tips, a curated selection of articles about DIY and other issues related to home improvement and residential construction.

4 Types Of Home Renovation: Which Ones Boost Value?

Many homeowners undertake major renovation to their residences before putting them up for sale: Sprucing up the place will always send the sales price soaring, right? Wrong. More often than not, these upgrades fail to pay for themselves. Read on to find out how to renovate strategically and which sort of projects really add value to your property. Read more >>

$35K Spent: Renovations Never Happened

Has this DIY nightmare happened to you? A Canadian couple is trying to get their money back after they paid $35,000 in upfront costs for a home renovation that never even started because the owner of the business hired to complete the work sold it to another buyer.


How Much Should it Really Cost to Renovate a Kitchen?

It can cost between $25K-$50K. Here are pointers to help you figure out a budget. Read more >>

These Are the Most Popular Home Renovations in Each State

Through an analysis of Google Trends, which evaluates the relative popularity of certain search terms over time on a normalized 0–100 scale, a flooring company was able to determine the most popular type of home renovation project in each state. Read more >>

Popular Home Renovation Fad Poses Deadly Dust Threat

Crystalline silica is present in almost all types of rocks, sand, clay and gravel, but has been detected in particularly high levels in popular artificial kitchen and bathroom benchtops. Long-term exposure to the dust can be fatal, causing cancer and a scarring of the lungs called silicosis, including cases so serious people have had to undergo lung transplants. Read more >>

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