Families Still Wait to Go to Trial Over "Contaminated" Chinese Drywall

Families Still Wait to Go to Trial Over

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Families Still Wait to Go to Trial Over "Contaminated" Chinese Drywall

Thousands of families across the southeast continue to wait to go to trial with the Chinese company, "Taishan," over contaminated drywall. The company made and shipped the drywall to the United States so people could rebuild their homes after a series of destructive hurricanes in the mid-2000's.

A judge ruled in 2010 that Chinese-made drywall released sulfur fumes into homes, sickening occupants, corroding metals in wiring, plumbing, appliances and electronics, and stinking up the houses. In 2013, the judge approved settlements involving thousands of homes and other buildings with drywall from one German-Chinese company. However, a second company, Taishan, has refused to appear in court.

Now the judge in the case is transferring the remaining cases to lower courts, leaving homeowners in limbo.


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How Concerned You Should Be About Cracks in the Walls?

Wall cracks are fairly common in both new and older homes and are often the result of normal house “settling” that can quickly, inexpensively be remedied by re-taping the joints—the seams where the drywall panels meet. Occasionally, however, cracks in walls signify a larger problem that should be addressed before you attempt to repair the crack.

This blog post from master builder Bob Vila provides some clues about what’s causing unsightly squiggly lines that have marred your paint job, followed with some tips for how to remedy the situation.


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One homeowner says she trusted a home renovator she met at a home show to do a big job on her house but now she wishes she hadn't hired him. She says he walked off the job leaving a mess behind and thousands of dollars worth of work that needs to be redone.

This article lists some red flags to watch for when hiring someone to renovate your home, such as contract language aimed at discouraging "negative reviews". Instead, according to this informative article, look for renovators with trade affiliations which would hold them accountable.


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