An Introduction to Level 5 Tools: an Interview With Scott Murray

An Introduction to Level 5 Tools: an Interview With Scott Murray
Scott Murray, president of Level 5 Tools, brings with him deep experience in global manufacturing and sourcing along with sales around the world.

What makes Level 5 drywall finishing tools so unique?

Our core line of hand tools, such as automatic taping and finishing tools, are designed primarily with master drywall finishers in mind.

So, we design our hand tools to be the highest-quality line of finishing tools available in the market today. We achieved this quality by testing different designs and structures for over two years, ending up with high quality hand tools that are built to last.

Our tools are also typically 30 per cent less expensive than our competition yet offer an industry-leading 7-year warranty. Other manufacturers typically offer 5-year warranties.

Who should consider Level 5 tools?

Level 5 focuses specifically on the needs of professional drywall finishers, remodelers and serious DIY'ers.

We sell to directly to drywall supply yards and dealers, online retailers, and through a national dealer network.

How did Level 5 tools get started?

The company that would become Level 5 Tools was started in 1992, and was called Manufacturers International Inc. The company's focus was on the trowel-trades including drywall, concrete, masonry and tile.

I purchased the business in 1997 with the intent of expanding the tool line and distribution. Since then, Level 5 Tools has gone on to produce for many well-known private label brands owned by large retailers and other independent brands of tools.

What is the philosophy behind Level 5 Tools?

Our commitment is to put value into the hands of the finisher. So, Level 5 focuses on supporting primarily the drywall finishers, versus our initial approach of supplying several trades.

Our tools are designed to last and to be easy and inexpensive to repair compared to other brands who can cost twice as much to repair.

Who designs Level 5's drywall finishing tools?

Level 5 is designed by a team of engineers who are closely aligned with a broad group of drywall finishers. If we had to point to one person or team who designs our products it would be our customers, who are all master "level 5" drywall finishers.

We constantly interact with these customers, interviewing, sampling, watching and learning. We strive to make the best tools based on the collective expertise of the industry, not just a few select finishers.

Why should finishers consider Level 5 drywall tools?

Nowhere else in the industry do drywall have such a close relationship with the people who actually design and service drywall finishing tools.

Finishers should know that Level 5 will continue to improve their products to meet their specific needs. It is all about creating a product that keeps the finisher up and running.

And, if issues do come up, finishers can rest easily knowing that they are supported by a 7-year warranty and the Level 5 team that focuses on customer service.

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