A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Level 5 Automatic Taper Development Process

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Level 5 Automatic Taper Development Process

The automatic taper is the most complicated piece of equipment that Level 6 has ever produced. With over two hundred parts this tool requires the use of high-quality materials, precision machining, and consistent assembly. In addition, insuring the tool weight is as low as possible helps keep the overall loaded weight down.

But how did Level 5 develop this tool?

At Level 5, we have continuously worked with finishers around the globe to build and refine our automatic taper. The key areas of focus seem to always revolve around tape feed and cutting. An automatic taper that cuts dry tape really well may not perform as well when the tape wet due to the joint compound. 

A factor in this can be the consistency or thickness of the joint compound.  Knowing that all finishers have their own way of mixing joint compound it creates a variable the manufacturer cannot control. Some finishers run their mud thin while others like it a bit thicker.

In addition, different compound manufacturers all have their own formula of compound which can also behave differently in the taper. This single variable (mud consistency) can have a dramatic effect on how the taper runs. Level 5 continuously interacts with tapers around the world on this single issue.

The position of the tape guide, gooser needle position, width of the tape guide channel, inside head plates, and cutter track all interact to insure a smooth flow of tape and compound when running.

When we get the occasional issue with feeding of tape we focus on how the dry tape feeds and must insure there are no physical “obstacles” to the tape feeding such as the tape guide being set behind the cutter track.

Normal wear and tear does not impact the feed of tape but if a taper is dropped or damaged this area is likely one that will cause the most issues.

Over the years, we have upgraded materials, machining, and tolerances to insure there are limited issues that could arise even if there is damage to the tool.

Fortunately for Level 5, we have a clear line of frequent communication to finishers around the world. We get a lot of great ideas from finishers on how to make improvements and do our best to incorporate those that make sense. 

Keep looking for continued upgrades to the Level 5 Automatic Taper and other high quality items from Level 5!

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