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  • feature image Professional Finishers are the Life Blood of Our Business
    - Scott Murray is the President and co-owner of Level 5 Tools, a company whose mission is to provide unsurpassed value to the drywall finisher in the form of quality tools at a fraction of the cost of other major brands. Scott talks about what's new with Level 5 this spring, and how the company relies on feedback by professional finishers in order to create the best tools possible. Q: What's new with Level 5 Tools? Over the past several years, Level 5 has been launching new tools along with upgrades...
  • - REFURBISHED TOOL SALE!!! We occasionally have demo tools we refurbish and sell at a DEEP DISCOUNT! Call today if you are looking for a tool to add to your set an we'll see if we can help you out. Right Now we have a large selection of accessory and standard flat box handles at unbelievable prices! Call us toll free at (866) 562-4229 or email us at!!!!
  • - Need a TAPER REBUILD??? Put a complete new head onto your taper vs. being nickel and dimed to death on expensive repairs from others. Call Level 5 today for services specials tool free (866) 562-4229!!! One Week Turnaround!!!