Cutting Drywall Tape

Cutting Drywall Tape

When to Make the Cut with Your Automatic Taper

Sean McCarthy
April 20, 2021
When someone has run an auto taper for a while, they know that the steady sound of clicking followed by a final *CLICK* as the blade cuts drywall tape is one of the most satisfying parts of running an automatic taper (besides all the time it saves you of course!). That being said, it takes time and effort to get the cadence and spacing of the cut down. Here is a short guide to when you should be cutting your drywall tape.

When to Cut Drywall Tape with an Automatic Taper

Besides priming an auto taper, cutting the tape at the right time is one of the most important aspects of applying tape in one slick pass. Cut too soon and there won’t have enough tape to reach the end of the joint. Cut too late and there will be an excess.

  • In order to make sure there is just the right amount of drywall tape on the wall, you want to make the cut 3-4 inches before the taper has reached the end of the joint. 

That’s it! Of course, it takes time to get the hang of an auto taper and every seam should be treated individually, but this rough guide should help in avoiding putting too little or too much tape down on each pass.

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