Automatic Taper Cutter Chain Assembly Replacement

Automatic Taper Cutter Chain Assembly Replacement

How to Replace the Cutter Chain Assembly on the LEVEL5 Automatic Taper

Sean McCarthy
April 20, 2021
Watch along as our lead technician Robby Deatherage shows you exactly what you need to do to quickly replace your cutter chain assembly and get back to drywall taping in no time. 

Replacing an Automatic Drywall Taper's Cutter Chain Assembly

If drywall tape is not advancing properly or drywall tape is not cutting as it should, then the taper’s cutter chain assembly and blade might need replacing. 

Although some folks like to replace their blade frequently, it should take a long time of running the LEVEL5 Automatic Drywall Taper before there's a need to replace the cutter chain assembly. Sometimes, all that is needed is just a spring replacement as tensile strength is lost over time. Luckily, with the simple “everything-you-need” replacement kit and this video we offer, one can be up and running in less than five minutes flat.

Further Support

Still stuck? No worries! At LEVEL5 Tools, we offer the best customer service and support in the industry and can be reached toll-free at 1.866.562.4229. For any irregular issues beyond repair, user's are covered with our industry-leading 7-Year warranty. 

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