Priming an Automatic Drywall Taper

Priming an Automatic Drywall Taper

Why, When and How an Automatic Drywall Taper Should be Primed

Sean McCarthy
April 20, 2021

How To Prime The Taper

  1. Make sure your clutch is disengaged by opening the gate valve (the round disc will pop out).
  2. Place your top wheel on the wall and push your taper, rolling the wheel until you see tape coming out with mud.
  3. You only need to advance a couple of inches of tape.
  4. That’s it! As long as mud is coming out at the same time as your paper or mesh drywall tape, your machine is primed. 

When To Prime The Taper

  1. Before starting to run drywall tape.
  2. Whenever dry patches appear in the tape that’s advancing.
  3. If the taper has been run slowly or held at at an angle that has allowed the mud to slump a bit (This is especially common for beginner tapers, so don’t feel bad if it happens to you!)
  4. When mud isn’t coming out at all but the taper has been filled recently.

Why Priming Is Important

  1. It saves lots of time by not having to routinely catch and hand tape that is not sticking to the wall and as we all know, time is money!
  2. The finished product looks better which is important for both overall production quality and client satisfaction.
  3. Simply put, it’s damn-well annoying when the drywall taper isn't primed!

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