Plunger Cup Replacement

Plunger Cup Replacement

How to Replace the Plunger on a LEVEL5 Tools Automatic Taper

Sean McCarthy
April 20, 2021
In this quick how-to video, lead technician Robby Deatherage takes you through the simple steps to replacing the plunger cup assembly on your automatic taper.

Automatic Drywall Taper Plunger Cup Replacement

Is joint compound leaking through the bottom of your auto taper? If you answered yes, your plunger cup assembly might be the culprit.

If when you’re drywall taping, you notice that mud is leaking back through the bottom of the auto taper, you might need to replace your plunger cup assembly. Although this is not a common problem, we have made it as simple as possible of a fix by offering both all-in-one plunger cup assembly replacement kits and this step-by-step video guide to follow along to. Make sure to follow the steps in this video closely and in just a few minutes you should be back to drywall taping with no mud-leaking issues. 

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