How to Finish Drywall Corners Easily | LEVEL5

How to Finish Drywall Corners Easily | LEVEL5

Get a Better Finish Faster When Working on Drywall Corners

Brendan Rumball
April 20, 2021
Follow along as LEVEL5 President Scott Murray goes over the our full line of drywall corner finishing tools and how you can use them to achieve a better finish faster when working on drywall corners.

To best serve the drywall finishing community, LEVEL5 has created one of the largest lines of premium, affordable automatic drywall taping tool in the world. One of the most integral collections within the LEVEL5 range is our selection of automatic drywall corner tools. Like all of LEVEL5’s automatic taping & finishing tools, our corner tools are backed by an industry-leading 7 Year Warranty and the best customer service on the planet.

Our drywall corner tool collection is comprised of four finely machined, premium workhorse tools: 

1) Corner Roller - A simple yet powerful design made of premium materials that delivers extremely smooth operation when rolling inside corners after applying paper or mesh drywall tape.

2) Corner Finishers (Angle Heads) - Available in four sizes (2.5”, 3”, 3.5”, 4”), LEVEL5 Corner Finishers make light work of inside corners by feathering joint compound out to give you a nice, smooth finish. Drywall corner finishers can be used by connecting them directly to one of our specialty handles or by attaching them to our corner applicator.  It’s also important to note that when operating an angle head you should never run it dry as this can, at best, cause choppy operation and at worse, damage your tape. Additionally, you should also be pulling the angle head behind you, holding it at roughly a 45-degree angle rather than pushing as this will reduce the likelihood that you rip your finished drywall tape. 

3) Corner Applicators - LEVEL5 corner applicators allow you to effortlessly apply compound on your corners when using your angle head. Despite their minimalist design, these corner applicators are finely tuned and incorporate only the most premium materials to guarantee a buttery smooth operation when up against the wall. Our corner applicators are best used with our top-selling extendable corner applicator handles. You’ll notice a bend in the handle near the adapter and you will want to ensure that this bend goes towards the applicator rather than away from it as this will reduce the likelihood of damaging your tape during operation.

4) Corner Finishing Tool Handles: Available in straight or extendable formats, our corner finishing tool accessory handles are some of the best in the world and work seamlessly with our range of drywall corner tools. With extendable sizes of up to 80”, there are options available for every drywall corner finishing scenario out there.

5) Compound Pump: A workhorse when using automatic drywall tools, our compound pump has been refined over the years with feedback from finishers worldwide and is made to offer exceptional functioning and easy cleanup. When finishing drywall corners, the compound pump is used to fill the automatic drywall taper as well as the corner applicator through its handy filler valve.