How to Coat Drywall Corner Bead | Drywall Shorty

How to Coat Drywall Corner Bead | Drywall Shorty

DrywallShorty putting a Level 5 Tools taping knife to work in this great "How to First Coat Your Drywall Corner Bead" video.

Brendan Rumball
April 20, 2021

In this video, Lydia from DrywallShorty shows her technique for applying the first drywall corner bread coating. Watch as Lydia uses the LEVEL5 10" knife and mud pan to achieve a seamless finish.

For a professional finish we recommend using the LEVEL5 drywall taping knife to skim and coat butt joints and flats. Its wide blade surface and precision flex feathers joint compound to perfection.

Featuring a LEVEL5 Soft-Grip Handle, this mud knife offers ergonomic handling, slip-resistance and all-day comfort. Made with materials so premium we guarantee them for life!