LEVEL5 Holiday Gift Guide

LEVEL5 Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts for Drywallers, DIYer's & Painters

Vittoria Ngo
November 1, 2021

The holiday season is here! We've put together a list of LEVEL5's best gifts for drywall finishers & DIYers so you don't to have scramble last minute to find that "perfect" present. Read on to learn more.

1. 4/5/6" Stainless Steel Welded Joint Knives

Help your special someone start the new year off strong with the world's strongest drywall hand tools! You can't go wrong with this set of robotically-welded stainless steel joint knives from LEVEL5. Whether you're buying a gift for a long-time pro or a DIY warrior, these putty knives will hold a special place in their tool collection for years to come.

Lifetime warranty? Check. Lightweight build? Check. Premium stainless steel? Check check and check! What more could you want? 

Pro Tip: Sign up for LEVEL5's VIP Program for FREE and get an instant 40% off this 4/5/6" Stainless Steel Welded Joint Knife set. What are you waiting for?! Sign up now.

2. DIY Home Repair Tool Set

This LEVEL5 hand tool set includes all the the "must-have" hand tools to tackle any job around the house! We've built this set specifically for the DIYer in your life who takes pride in tackling everyday maintenance and home repair.

Our mini mixer is designed to fit any standard cordless hand drill. All LEVEL5 stainless steel hand tools with soft-grip handles feature LEVEL5's legendary lifetime warranty.

3. Skimming Blade Set | 10/24/32” + Extension Handle

This wouldn’t be a complete list without LEVEL5's best-selling Drywall Skimming Blade Set!  Ideal for smoothing and finishing fresh compound on walls and ceilings with fast and professional results, these are guaranteed to add that 'extra edge' to your gift this holiday season. Check out this skimming blade review to learn more.

These total "game changers" are our best sellers for a reason - they take your work to the next level quickly and affordably. Our 10/24/32" + Extendable Handle configuration is our most popular skimming blade setup. It includes an extendable handle for those hard to reach areas and tight angles!

4. Deluxe Stainless Steel Hand Tool Set

Everything you need in one premium, affordable package! This is the perfect tool set for those seeking to build on or kickstart a hand tool collection.

5. Drywall Flat Box Set | 10" & 12" Standard Boxes + 42" Handle

Now we're getting serious. For someone new to automatic drywall finishing tools or exploring the switch over from hand finishing tools, this drywall flat box set is a perfect, cost-effective entry point! All tools included also feature LEVEL5's industry leading, no-hassle 7-year warranty.

Still unsure about shopping for automatic tools for beginners? Here's a quick overview of which automatic tools we recommend starting with.

6. Pro Drywall Taping Tool Set

Set that special drywaller in your life up for success. LEVEL5's Best-Selling Drywall Taping Tool Set includes everything you need to take a drywall finishing business to the next level. Outstanding quality at an unbeatable price, LEVEL5’s latest generation of automatic drywall tools have proven to be the performance leader with unparalleled in-field reliability. All LEVEL5 Automatic Drywall Taping & Finishing Tools feature our no hassle, 7-Year Warranty. 

Have you found the perfect tool set outside your budget? No problem - You may qualify for LEVEL5 Financing! There is no lump sum initial payment and the monthly payments are as low as $99/ Month.


We hope this list offers helpful suggestions on great gifts for the ones you care about! If you have an questions about our products, send us an email at info@level5tools.com or give us a call at 800.227.7713

Happy Holidays from the LEVEL5 team!