Flat Box Brass Blade Holder Replacement

Flat Box Brass Blade Holder Replacement

How to Replace the Brass Blade Holder on the LEVEL5 Tools Flat Box

Sean McCarthy
April 20, 2021
In this short how-to video, LEVEL5 Tools' lead technician and drywall tools expert Robby Deatherage takes you through the step-by-step process to replacing your flat box brass blade holder. 

Drywall Finishing Flat Box Brass Blade Holder Replacement

Although will rarely be a need to repair the brass blade holder, it could potentially be damaged or bent from improper storage or drops or possibly worn after heavy use. For any issue beyond the scope of simple repairs, we offer industry-leading 7-Year warranties on all of our automatic taping and finishing drywall tools as well as a toll-free support line to our Kansas City technical team. 

Where to Get a Replacement Kit

Get a brass blade holder repair kit and other drywall finishing flat box maintenance kits here.

Finisher First

The finisher comes first at LEVEL5 Tools and that’s why we’ve designed our drywall tools with easy to access parts, numerous innovations, convenient replacement kits and offer helpful how-to videos that walk you through repairs step-by-step to get you back to drywall taping & finishing in no time. 

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