Drywall Corner Finishing Tools

Drywall Corner Finishing Tools

An Overview LEVEL5's Range of Premium Corner Finishing Tools

Sean McCarthy
April 20, 2021
In this video, LEVEL5 Tools’ President Scott Murray takes you through of the full range of corner finishing tools that we carry. Over years of refinement and listening to finisher feedback, our line of drywall corner tools has gotten better and better and features corner applicators, corner rollers and corner finishers of varying sizes.

Automatic Drywall Corner Finishing Tools by LEVEL5

Corner Finishers

Our drywall corner finishers, or angle heads as you may know them by, come in sizes of 2.5”, 3”, 3.5” and 4” and come ready to go right out of the box. These angle heads are CNC machined out of premium, robotically welded aluminum and are covered under our rock-solid 7-Year warranty that extends to all of our automatic taping and finishing tools.

Corner Roller

Although we stuck with a traditional, smooth design for our corner roller, we threaded at both ends to allows a finisher to operate both the corner roller and the angle head at the same time! Pop off the rubber handle and insert the angle head to save from making an extra trip back to the toolbox.

Corner Applicators

Similarly to our corner roller, we have kept a proven, traditional design for our corner applicators and made improvements where it counts. The corner applicator operates extremely smoothly and we have used premium, extruded aluminum for the back attachment and a fully stainless steel cone and rubber seals so the user doesn't have to apply silicone to seal the inside of the corner applicator box.

The finisher comes first at LEVEL5 and that’s why we’ve designed our drywall corner tools with easy to access parts, numerous innovations, convenient replacement kits and offer helpful how-to videos that walk the finisher through repairs step-by-step to get back to drywall taping & finishing in no time. 

You can check out our full selection of drywall corner tools here.